Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Review of The Facebook Marketing Book

Originally submitted at O'Reilly

How can Facebook help you promote your brand, products, and services? This book provides proven tactics that you can use right away to build your brand and engage prospective customers. Whether you're a marketing and PR professional, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you'll lea...

Facebook 101

By Clay N. Ferno from Brighton, MA on 1/29/2011


4out of 5

Pros: Well-written, Accurate, Easy to understand, Concise

Best Uses: Intermediate, Novice, Student

Describe Yourself: Designer, Sys Admin

The Facebook Marketing Book is an invaluable tool for the social media driven workplace. O'Reilly's latest marketing guide to the popular website is full of insightful ideas for marketers, salespeople, and managers to maximize the potential of Facebook's ubiquitous online presence. Dan Zarrella and Alison Zarrella clearly illustrate the basics of the website's functionality and goals in the first few chapters. The latter half of the book gives more advanced direction and suggestions for page owners to increase page views and likes, engage customers, and leverage feedback.

Illustrations and graphs of facebook user data are throughout the book to give perspective of the popularity of the Facebook platform since it's inception.

Brands, services, famous people, organizations and other public facing entities are encouraged to set up a Facebook Page, separate from personal profiles. You are encouraged to take advantage of the various customization features available, as well as to add relevant applications to your page. Some valuable and not so obvious suggestions regarding vanity URLs and profile completion are suggested for both beginning and advanced administrators.

Facebook groups are addressed in Chapter 4. Groups differ from pages in the way the interact with members versus fans. Honestly, after marketing with Facebook for a few years now, Dan and Alison do the best job of differentiating these types of web pages and the pros and cons of each.

Facebook event invites are polluting inboxes daily, and for good reason! As someone who hosts a variety of events any given year, Chapter 5's tips on promoting an event or sale on Facebook are wonderful. Don't forget to invite your friends and share events on your own personal wall!

More experienced marketers will benefit largely from the concluding chapters of the book regarding strategy, effective timing and keywords, and engagement with customers by sharing. Breaking down these key concepts are critical to running an effective marketing campaign but are also quite fun once you can drill down to this level of detail. Advertising and metrics on who is viewing your page are covered in Chapters 11 and 12. Make use of this data or at least be aware of the data to continue to enlighten your fans and customers as Facebook is becoming a prevalent website for most computer users worldwide.

This book was an easy to digest and clear guide to marketing via Facebook. This is something that O'Reilly does very well, and I look forward to reading more books from Dan and Alison Zarella.

Full Disclosure: I received the eBook downloads for review purposes.


This was not my motivation for writing this review. I would have bought this book to help me do my job better.

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