Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Duncan Wilder Johnson podcast interview, The Noise November 06

Duncan Wilder Johnson Podcast interview! The Noise 11/06

My first podcast and magazine feature!
No ipod needed. A computer will do.
This link has a player!

Promoting his new record(s)


From the NOISE magazine, November :

An Interview with Duncan Wilder Johnson
about His 3 CD set with Destruct-a-thon, Kill It All Away, and Spoken Word
Destruct-A-Thon: Es Muerto
Kill It All Away
Duncan Wilder Johnson has a Short Guy Complex: Spoken Word IV

by Clay N. Ferno

Duncan Wilder Johnson is a hyper-motivated writer, performer, musician, and photographer. He is releasing a brand new 3-CD set this month that encompasses and celebrates his many talents. The first CD is his fourth spoken word CD, the second is his sophomore effort with his heavy metal outfit Destruct-a-thon, and the last CD is his other band, a two piece, Kill it All Away which features special guest vocals from such notable local and national super throats Jet from Sam Black Church, Keith Smith of C60, Jonah Jenkins from Only Living Witness, and Chico of Closed Casket.

Releasing a new record is a daunting enough task. Duncan is releasing 3 records, all with never before heard material. He's outdoing himself and inspiring others in the process. Every box set has been hand assembled by the artist, as it is an unusual package. The DIY ethos is strong with this one, but the presentation is as professional as a major label production.
It's a labor of love. The box looks great, and what is inside is what really counts.

I spoke with Duncan the other day, and we recorded this interview that appears as a podcast on
The podcast includes tracks off of each record......



with special guests to be announced!

12:00 Pilot to Gunner (fr. NYC)

11:00 Frank Smith (fr. Boston)

10:00 Nous Non Plus (fr. NYC)

9:00 Faces On Film (fr. Boston)

8:00 Wild Zero (fr. Boston)

Doors 7:30pm.
Ticket Price: $10 (CMJ badge-holders get in free)

484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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