Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I hope I never loose MY wallet!


So, I was all like "People forget that I am THE MOST POPULAR GUY IN BOSTON." and then I saw this post! SURE, I've been distracted by working late (and starting a new job, and Wild Zero!) and all, but when I asked

KEATON for one of my very OWN "Phoenix" wallet to boost my ego, she sure as hell came through. The duct tape and razorblades were flying! In a day or two, I recieved my wallet in the mail, and i couldn't have been more proud! Her sweet notes inside the wallet were written on scraps of line papre and BOLDLY stated "mad Ca$h goes here" and another said "Girl's digits here," in the separate compartments of the pocketbook. On a handwritten note in the package, I was warned that "My hair was seceptable to water damage." True enough, I concluded.

When Eric took that picture, it was late at night and after a couple of tequila shots, I wondered how my hair would "hold up." Stealing my roommate's products aside, the wallet is FANTASTIC. Now, if and when you see some boozebag douchebag with HIS OWN FACE sticking outta the back pocket of his black Dickies, ask yourself..."Is that him, the most popular guy in Boston?" or "How do I get myself on the cover of Boston's premier weekly?" Your answer might be..."Gotta go add some friends," or, alternatively, "I'm glad I didn't have to go to that friend adding extreme for some cheapo press coverage!"
If you enjoy THE PHOENIX, or local 'celebrites' or any one of the bands the Pheonix features regularly, I suggest BUYING a wallet from this true sweetheart in Arlington, MA for 8 Bucks (cheap!). Your ego pays you back for it, in the long run!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Wild Zero Review on!

Wild Zero (link) : "WILD ZERO
Wild Zero
Curve of the Earth
A furnace blast of motorcycle punk from this gang of Boston rabblerousers. Wild Zero (named after a Japanese zombie flick starring Guitar Wolf) consists of ex-Humanoids howler Clay N’ Ferno upfront, and a bunch of other tightly-wound dudes who are probably ex-somethings, too. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the floorboards under the Wild Zero rehearsal space weren’t stuffed with the wormy corpses of ex-bandmates who were getting a little too soft for these punk n’ roll bruisers. After all, the chorus on opener “Battle Royale” goes “This is how I killed my best friend!” But it’s not all Japanese splatter flicks and revving, cycle-psycho guitars, there’s a real wild beast throb to these tunes, and Clay – when he’s not belting the shit out full-tilt boogie – even injects some honest to Christ melody into his vocals.

Only a little bit, though. Because melody is mostly for pussies.


Tuesday, April 4, 2006 - Wild Zero - Self Titled - Wild Zero - Self Titled: Wild Zero – Self Titled
Review by John Pegoraro (
Curve of the Earth Records
Release date: April 1, 2006

If someone were to ask me what a typical Boston rock band sounds like, I'd probably point in the direction of Wild Zero.

They're part rock, part punk, and sort of poppy. 'Anthemic' is the name of their game, and they devote all their energy to being just that. Based on songs like 'Battle Royale,' 'Curse of the Red Tiger,' 'Terror on the High Seas,' and 'Sex Tarp,' they're got a seemingly unlimited source of get up and go. At times they reminded me of a snarkier Cracktorch (go figure – it was recorded and mixed by Marc Schleicher of Cracktorch/Quintaine Americana/Antler fame). They've got the same good time peppy sound, even if the lyrics run closer to the juvenile (exhibit A: 'I got a lady/tough and mean/in the shower we never get clean/I said are you ready, hun/for my water gun, yeah!').

For a debut, this is pretty solid, even if that part rock, part punk, and sort of pop style doesn't always sit well with me.