Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Monday, August 15, 2005


Hey guys! I'm putting this domain name to good use finally.
If you are looking for my resume, It should be posted as a link here soon.
Now that I can blog here (like Omak I might start actually doing it again!
Sorry Livejournal, a purge may be happening over there. Who needs old shit!

So, yeah I'm popular.

And I sing in a band.

Our First! Show! was Saturday.

It was truly an honor to play with those guys!

I was put in a cab before the night was over! Lousy too much fun *brownies*

Do I look crazy?

OK more to come.

Currently listening to frank smith - think farms. Impressive..the new lineup and the production is really awesome. They should open for Lucero!

Great TL6 show last night!