Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Interesting thoughts on iTunes

iTunes iSbogus: "
People are paying for songs on the iTunes Music Store because they think it's a good way to support musicians. But iTunes misses a huge opportunity. Instead of creating a system that gets virtually all of fans' money directly to artists-- finally possible with the internet-- iTunes takes a big step backwards. Apple calls iTunes 'revolutionary' but record companies are using the service to force the same exploitive and unfair business model onto a new medium.It's too expensiveLet's start simple: the iTunes Music Store is not a good value for customers. Apple says many users are buying whole 'albums' for $8-$12 each. That's less than the $16 store price, but used CDs at Amazon or ebay cost $5, and those come with liner notes. If you don't care about liner notes, you can burn the CD from a friend for 25 cents and send the musician a buck. In both cases, you end up with a real CD, and you can always use iTunes to rip it onto your computer or mp3 player. And you don't have to deal with restrictions on how you use it.Lossy.

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