Man...or Astro-Clay?

Man...or Astro-Clay?
Man...or Astro-Clay?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

WILD ZERO Bio and Press Kit


Iyad - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Carver - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Clay Count von N. Ferno - Lead Vocals
Andy – Bass/Backups
Jesse Vön Kenmöre – Drums/Backups

'You know what my message is to the people? Some of you fuckers need a crack in the mouth. That's the message, plain and simple.'
– Harlem Greenwood, Coke Dealer

'Rock n' roll is the last flesh ritual, and it is only truly successful if it can breed black mayhem, otherwise it's just music, and who the fuck needs that?'
– Paul Hullabaloo, The Cringe

Yeah, there's a theme here. Not that you have to pay attention to evil, right-brained rock n' roll hucksters, but pretty soon you'll be turning 40, one of them lazy zeroes cursing the day you politely passed on your chance to crack a man in the mouth. So stake your claim now, Jack – write your will in your own blood, throw expensive furniture off of your roof, steal fistfuls of panties and then light 'em on fire. Hell, run screaming and naked into heavy traffic to see how long you can flirt with danger before vomiting all over your shoes.

Of course, you could just throw on this maniacal album instead. Wild Zero's self-titled debut (recorded, engineered, and mixed by ex-Cracktorch and Coke Dealer band mates Marc Schleicher and Nick Zampiello) is one of them quintessential, speed dealin', Americana rawk records that does the crazy work for you. An album like this can only come from a place like Boston, and can only come from a group of seasoned East Coast veterans sewn together by the threads of filth, carnage, apathy, and electricity. It's all greasy hair and neck tattoos, danger and denim, lightning and leather. Or something equally Misfits, AC/DC, and The Hellacopters, dig? So remember, it ain't that you can't be a zero, it's that you have to be a Wild Zero. There's a big difference. Come find out what it is.

— Subculture Hero:

New Release April 1st 2006 on Curve of the Earth Records.

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